We sell and deliver all sort of pies to food operators. Our products are handmade, tasty, fully certified with EU regulations and can be totally bespoke to meet every requirement.

We consider ourselves a dynamic catering company that aims to fulfill a gap in the UK food market that can be satisfied from the Greek market by mainly utilizing Greek raw materials, tradition and taste.

Our vision is to provide tasteful pastry products to food chains and our mission statement that totally expresses us is: "passion for food, taste for the people". Our best sellers include: spinach pies, cheese pies, custard pies and ham & cheese pies, but practically we can modify or create any kind of pie in any shape or style.
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  • fitapie

    Spanakopita (Spinach & feta pie)

    Taste the traditional Greek spanakopita recipe! Spanakopita (Greek spinach pie) is one of the most popular Greek pies, that is known and loved, as a main dish, starter or mid-day snack!

    Feta cheese is crumbled and mixed with spinach into a herby spinach-feta mixture and then wrapped in phyllo pastry, brushed with extra virgin olive oil and baked until golden.

    Spinach is a wonderful green-leafy vegetable often recognized as one of the functional foods for its nutritional, antioxidants and anti-cancer composition. Feta cheese supplies key vitamins and minerals, which are essential for the health of your heart, muscles and nerves.

    Simply delicious and perfect for lacto-ovo vegetarians. It is the ideal food for the children who usually loath salads and cheese.

    One mouthful of a spinach pie and you will realize the taste of a proper pie.

    There is a big debate in Greece about the best Spanakopita style but because we handmade all of our products, so far we have been in a position to satisfy every client requirement in terms of stuffing and shape.
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  • cornish-pastry

    (the Greek version of a Cornish pastry)

    What happens if you don’t want to eat something sweet like bougatsa but you would like to eat something smooth and tasteful? You could always try a common cheese pie. However, are you familiar with the fact that common cheese pies have plenty of butter?

    Lucky you, Thodoris paid attention to your needs and he is providing us with Kourou cheese pies. Kourou means dry, butter –free dough, which contains a small quantity of extra virgin olive oil. Taking into account that Tripoli is famous for the variety of high quality cheeses, you end to the conclusion that you have found your healthier version of pie.

    The Kourou cheese pie is undoubtedly one of the traditional Greek dishes with high nutritional value. It is an excellent source of calcium intake, phosphorus and vitamin D, which are vital ingredients for the bone health.

    Try to eat a piece of Kourou cheese pie at breakfast, combine it with a glass of fresh juice and you will feel the energy in your body.

    Consume a piece of Kourou cheese pie, as a light meal during lunch break, accompanied by a salad if you wish and you are ready for the afternoon meeting.

    Often people say that the simple meals are often the best. After savoring this pie, you will agree.
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  • custard-pie

    (Ham and Cheese Pie)

    The first word that comes to mind when somebody hears of cheese and ham, is toast! Yet, these two magic ingredients can very easily become a divine ham and cheese pie (zamponotyropita).

    As Thodoris is a great fan of ham and pies, he decided to use the family’s secret recipe for the most delicious ham and cheese pie in a shape of a flute.

    The delicious Zamponotyropita is stuffed with tasty cheese and juicy ham and all this is enclosed in a crisp and golden phyllo package. Try it warm during lunch time and enjoy the cheese to flow like lava from inside. Taste it cold, if you want to have a snack in your bag and you will experience something not so juicy but equally tasteful.

    Perfect companion for watching a football game. Just yummy.
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  • fifth-product

    Our Products Catalogue
    What you have in mind?

    Interested in our mini variety? Do you want to try our Pizza? Do you want to use organic ingredients? Do you want to add a bit of this, do you prefer less of that? Since our producer hand makes everything so far we are proud to say that we have satisfied all of our client needs. Simply say to us what you have in mind and we will try our best to fulfill your request"
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  • bougatsa

    (Custard Pie)

    If you love custard desserts then you will love Bougatsa!

    Bougatsa became very popular in Greece after the Greek-Turkish war of 1922 and the population exchange that followed. It first came to North Greece and after a while was spread all over the Greek territory.

    Bougatsa is served primarily at breakfast, late morning or as a comfort food. This sweet creamy semolina custard nestled in layers of phyllo and served warm with a sprinkle of cinnamon and icing sugar satisfies even the most eclectic food lovers.

    If you visit Greece, you will find Bakeries selling bougatsa at every corner and many of them are sold out by lunch time and close down for the day. Yet their work is not over, for they are back before dawn to start the process all over again. The phyllo is always handmade. The craft of thinning, flipping and layering that is done to create the phyllo dough cannot be achieved easily. It is usually passed down through generations of bakers, from father to son in the family business.

    Another secret for gourmets in order to savor a delightful Bougatsa is the use of tasteful milk and butter.

    A place that loses the tradition, loses the future too. Our producer, that is based on Tripoli (the capital of Arcadia) is committed to tradition and quality.

    The Arcadian land produces a variety of dairy products. Small differences in climate create a taste that does not exist elsewhere. It is particularly famous for the rich milk and the golden butter.

    No wonder that in Tripoli we found the best Bougatsa.
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Our producer, Thodoris is from the city of Tripoli,
(Peloponissos - south mainland Greece) and although not from Sparta he talks like a Spartan: Spartans, between others, were also known for the Laconic way of talking: few words and precise. When I first met Thodoris he told me: "George I will not negotiate quality". I thought that is very interesting, ethically is in line with my way of thinking, so our first meeting, ended up unbelievable well: All of the pies that Thodoris produced were very tasteful and reminded me flavors of my past in Greece when my mother used to bake... He told me, George, these are my products this is my cost and I work with this profit. We shake hands within two hours.

Thodoris has his own factory where he produces and stores all of his products using the best local ingredients. All of his products are EU certified and in terms of production he is able to produce thousands of pieces per day using two shifts and state of the art technology. Nothing without music: “George, good food needs (the appropriate) good music” he told me. Thodoris’ products are sold to Greek supermarkets and also he runs five pastry chain/coffee shops in the Peloponissos area. Our first meeting, in his Nafplio branch ended up with us listening “Chariots of Fire” .
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Us & You


Picture2In Greece we say good things take time. It took me time and effort to think, set up this idea and develop this business plan but I really believe that there is a gap in the UK market for proper, healthier, tastier pastry products. I am a business analyst, living with my family the last 16 years in London and I really do want my new born daughter to be able to taste proper pies and create memories similar to the tastes that I had when I was a youngster. I believe that we have a great team, tasty products that can be tailored made to suit any business needs, handmade, and more important, priced accordingly leaving great margin potentials for the seller.


If you are an enthusiastic sales, product manager that you appreciate your clients and want to enhance taste and at the same time explore significant margin potentials then we do have to speak.